Carlos Training For Time
Personal Trainer & Founder
Experience: 10+ Years
Length of Work: Since 2010

I was born in Almazora (Spain), a small Mediterranean coastal town.  I was brought up working in my family’s orange fields and have always been driven by sports and exercise. I have been living in Northern Ireland for almost 10 years and currently work as a firefighter, alongside my personal training clients.

I would describe myself as a really hard worker and I am always focused on succeeding in every aspect of my life. When I have something in mind, I will work hard to achieve it.

I have always enjoyed triathlons and gym sessions. From an early age, I could be seen going for a run, swim or bike ride before and after school.

I loved every single day of training and have always enjoyed outdoor sports.

At the age of sixteen, I had a terrible motorbike accident which left me fighting for my life. After several operations, and more than a year long recovery, the doctors recommended that I should not continue doing triathlons because of my shoulder injury. This was not going to stop me from doing sports.  I decided to swim from the nearest island to my town in mainland Spain. The 18 hour swim helped raise money for charity to help those who had accidents and their lives were affected because of it.

From here, I moved from doing sports to teaching them.  At the age of 16, I started working as a swimming teacher and a lifeguard for 3 years.

After making a full recovery from the accident, I studied for the High National Certificate in Sports (2008-2010) as a combination of work and study. During this process I got other certificates related to sport, including 3 stars in scuba diving in FEDAS, spinning monitor course in Ortos, and a climbing and adventure sports certificate.

Once I finished my certificate in 2010 I got a job in the best known fitness centres in the city of Castellon working as a fitness instructor for Piscina Provincial Company, instructing their group classes.  Working here was what first inspired me to start my own business as a personal trainer.

It was during this time that I started to implement the training for time method by training clients in their own homes and promoting a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

This was a really good innovation because there was nobody else doing anything similar. I continued developing this methodology of training along with the lifestyle to help lots of people and eventually expanded the business to include a personal trainer, a physio and a doctor.

At the age of 25, I decided to move to Northern Ireland to learn some English and apply for the fire and rescue service. As soon as I was settled, I continued my career as a personal trainer following the same methodology of lifestyle which I created in Spain and doing personal training sessions at the clients’ houses. With this methodology, a mixed Mediterranean diet alongside relaxation methods, I have been helping lots of friends, family and clients throughout these years in Northern Ireland.

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